Essential Oils for the Seven Chakras

LotusLately I’ve been getting into essential oils. And I don’t mean your run of the mill “it just smells good” stuff. I’m talking real, powerful plant medicine. Essential oils are referred to as volatile liquids distilled from plants. Volatile simply means that they are fragrant and will evaporate. They are not “oils” in the nutritional sense of the word, as they are not fats. Instead, essential oils are a complex synergy of chemical compounds derived from whole plants in order to concentrate their essence, or the spirit of the plant.

In many traditional cultures, a plant’s “essence” or spirit reflects its medicinal powers. Chemists can replicate certain constituents of plants, such as fragrances that are used in commercial products, but humans cannot replicate the synergy of all the chemical constituents in a plant. The synergy of chemical compounds in a whole plant cannot be reproduced in a laboratory. Cilantro, for example, contains over 40 distinct chemical compounds, and the chemical composition of the plant varies depending on many factors including its growth stage, soil makeup and time of year harvested (Potter, 1996). For this reason, I believe very strongly that care and expertise are imperative in plant selection, harvesting and processing into a therapeutic grade essential oil.

I believe my purpose on this planet is to assist people in manifesting whole-self healing. One of the most well-known and respected body-energy paradigms is the chakra system. The chakras are energy centers in the body through which energy flows unimpaired in a healthy state. Blocked energy can lead to illness, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Below I have summarized the essential oils that I believe resonate most fully with each of the 7 chakras for optimal healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Essential oils for the chakras:

Crown Chakra & Frankincense
Represents enlightenment and unity with the divine
Physical associations: Central nervous system, muscles, skin
Use: Apply frankincense directly to the bottom of the feet before meditation, sleep and yoga
Gifts of Frankincense: Considered a holy oil in the Middle East, Frankincense has been used throughout history to improve communication with the Creator. It helps us to let go of false truths and lies, while cleansing the spirit and supporting our spiritual awakening. Medicinally, Frankincense is known to have anticancer, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, immune stimulant and sedative properties. It helps to improve concentration and eases restlessness, thereby enhancing spiritual awareness.

Third Eye Chakra & Clary Sage
Represents wisdom, intuition, visualization and our ability to focus
Physical associations: Brain, neurologic system, eyes, ears, nose
Use: Apply clary sage directly to forehead and bases of the toes
Gifts of Clary Sage: Known as “clear eyes” during the Middle Ages, this mint family plant was known to clear eye problems and support the kidneys, digestion, skin, and women’s health. Today we know clary sage to be antifungal, antiseptic, sedative, astringent and anticonvulsant. Clary sage opens the third eye, encouraging a change of perspective and the courage to see the truth. It has also been known to open the mind to the spirit world by clearing distractions.

Throat Chakra & Lavender
Represents our ability to communicate, speak truth and express creativity
Physical associations: Throat, thyroid, mouth, jaw, teeth, neck
Use: Apply lavender oil to temples and base of the throat
Gifts of Lavender: As a universal oil, lavender is used commonly for hundreds of ailments. It tends to work wherever the body has need, and is best known for its ability to balance the emotions and the nervous system. Lavender relieves insecurities felt from fear of expressing one’s true thoughts and feelings, particularly when communication is blocked due to fear of rejection or feelings of being unlovable or unimportant. This oil allows opens the soul to allow expression to flow freely and honestly.

Heart Chakra & Geranium
Represents compassion, hope and our ability to love and forgive
Physical associations: Cardiovascular system, thymus gland, ribs, shoulders, arms, hands, diaphragm
Use: Apply geranium oil directly over the heart and to the arches of the feet
Gifts of Geranium: Geranium is a refreshing oil that has been used to treat many disorders afflicting the organs. It has antisepctic, anti-depressant and diuretic properties. Additionally, geranium can have sedative properties and clears the skin. Geranium also heals a broken heart and restores relationships and trust in the goodness of others. The heart gently re-opens when geranium oil is used, as love and trust are re-established, especially after abandonment and loss.

Solar Plexus Chakra & Bergamot
Represents self-confidence and our ability to manifest
Physical associations: Stomach, pancreas, adrenals, upper intestines, liver, gall bladder
Use: Apply bergamot to forehead, temples and over the abdomen. Use as a flavoring in water or smoothies.
Gifts of Bergamot: This uplifting oil is wonderful medicine for the digestive system and gastrointestinal afflictions. It is antispasmodic, antiparasitic, antiseptic and neuroprotective, making it a wonderful oil for emotional balance as well. Bergamot assists in supporting those with intense feelings of despair and low self-esteem. It powerfully cleanses the energy system and supports those with limiting beliefs about themselves in order to bring hope to the soul and confidence in the self.

Sacral Chakra & Orange
Represents our connection to others, abundance, creativity and pleasure
Physical associations: Sexual organs, large intestine, pelvis, hip area, bladder
Use: Apply orange oil directly to the insteps of both feet, add to drinking water or take 1-2 drops directly under the tongue.
Gifts of Orange: Orange is simultaneously uplifting and calming to the body and mind. It is useful for anxiety, sluggish digestion, low appetite and the skin. Orange assists in a variety of emotional struggles by fostering abundance, creativity, positivity and aiding in transitions. Those who experience fear and nervousness around scarcity are supported in letting go of workaholic tendencies by seeing humor in life. Orange reminds us that there is enough for everyone and restores childlike wonder, sharing and creativity.

Root Chakra & Vetiver
Represents our foundation, feeling grounded, security and family.
Physical associations: Spinal column, rectum, legs, bones, feet, energizes body
Use: Apply a small amount of vetiver to the bottoms of both feet and enjoy in a bath or in carrier oil for massage
Gifts of Vetiver: Vetiver is a very grounding oil that has been used as a perfume in India for centuries. Distilling the oil is a laborious process, but well worth the stimulating effects on the immune and circulatory system. Vetiver is a natural sedative and helps to bring us back to earth, collecting scattered energy and refocusing priorities. As vetiver brings one back to the self, it helps uncover the roots of emotional struggles and encourages self-awareness work that brings much needed relief.

To explore high quality, therapeutic essential oils more, visit my dōTERRA site.

Essential Oil Resources:

Emotions & Essential Oils, A Modern Resource for Healing (3rd ed.). American Fork, UT: Enlighten Alternative Healing, LLC, 2014.

Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils (6th ed.). Orem, UT: Aroma Tools, 2014.

Other References:

Potter, T. (1996). J. Agric. Food Chem. 44 (7), pp 1824–1826. DOI: 10.1021/jf950814c

2 responses to “Essential Oils for the Seven Chakras

  1. Thanks Victoria, Thanks Victoria. I love the way your mind works and the way you write. I’ve been using essential oils on and off for about 15 years, learning and forgetting. My most thorough source has been The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy … though I’ve drawn from a number of sources.

    A friend of mine, Stanford Lessing, in Baltimore used to run the Green Earth health food store on Charles Street but, after he became interested in essential oils, he opened a another shop exclusively for aromatherapy across the street. I’m not sure if he is still alive, but if he is, he is a man who really knows his stuff.

    My favorite oils that I have experience with are lavender and sage. For awhile I was nuts about lavender and some friends used to call me the lavender boy. For me, a sniff of sage always helped be calm my mind and contemplate. Lavender was just always uplifting and comforting in a loving sort of way. I also used it to soothe and heal my skin and small cuts. That’s just my personal experience. Lemon and orange I used to put on my wood-burning stove for a pleasant antidepressant effect.

    Anyway, I’m not very knowledgeable, so I appreciate your take on these oils and their association with the chakras. I hope to learn more. I believe that in the healing arts, there is a process that goes from knowledge to understanding to wisdom. Knowledge comes from study, understanding comes with practical use, wisdom develops when one’s intuition comes into play and the spirit can use one to apply one’s knowledge and experience in ways that are particularly appropriate for a specific individual at the appropriate time. My soul delights in seeing you grow and blossom into a healing artist. You have a gift.

    In closing, I mention again the book Vibrational Medicine – because Gerber is groping to provide conceptual framework for inter-dimensional healing exploring science, various traditional medicines from different cultures, aromatherapy, Bach Flower remedies, homeopathy, etc.

    Another source I have found helpful is Natural Medicines: Comprehensive Database – I have the 2007 edition. They no longer publish an annual book version. It’s all online now.


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