April Showers

It’s been a rainy week in Baltimore and I’m certainly hoping that April showers will bring those promised May flowers! I’ve seen crocus, dandelions, violets and tulips and can’t wait for more color and blossom. A group of friends and I are going camping this weekend, so dry ground and beautiful foliage will be much appreciated!

Fiddlehead Ferns

A recent walk in the woods led me to a lovely glen of fiddlehead ferns!

Speaking of beautiful foliage… my little potted herb garden is growing like crazy and some of my leafy greens are popping back out of the ground from last year. Unfortunately, we don’t have a good plot of land for a vegetable garden this year, but we did join a CSA! CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” and can be a great way to get amazing, locally grown and pesticide free produce for great prices! Most CSA farmers will offer a certain number of “shares” or “memberships” to the public, and those who choose to join receive a box of ultra-fresh produce every week for the entire farming season.

Maybe you’re not sure about committing to getting a mystery box of veggies from a local farm every week for six months. That’s ok! 

Farmer’s markets and farm stands are great places to get fresh fruits and veggies in addition to your local health food store. Since we’re entering the Spring harvest season, I wanted to use this newsletter to share some great resources about how to find the best food in town.

Local Harvest is an excellent database of CSAs, farms, farmer’s markets, grocers and restaurants that offer the cleanest and most local food you can get without growing it yourself. Visit localharvest.org and fill in the name of your town to get a list of conscious growers and vendors near you!

The Environmental Working Group does amazingly important research to help inform consumers about the best (and worst) food and household products out there. EWG’s annual Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce has been recently been released for 2014. You can visit their site to see the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists, and read the full 2014 report.

There is so much power in being informed about what’s going into your body and where it comes from. Food has a story, and I would encourage you to be an active part of that story. When you choose fresh and local food, you not only nourish your body and soul, you also vote with your dollars, support your local economy and help to heal the earth and the soil.

Enjoy the wonderful Spring season as it unfurls,

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